For home delivery on the peninsula, two delivery attempts will be made. If in the first delivery attempt MRW cannot reach you, it will leave you a notification with a telephone number to agree on a date for the second delivery. In the event that the shipment cannot be delivered in the second delivery, you must pick it up at the nearest MRW franchise. The order will be available in said franchise for a maximum period of 15 days, after this period the order will be returned to the store and the customer must bear the cost of the return.

As the order will be at your address the day after making the purchase, we do not consider that a tracking number is necessary. However, if you want to know exactly where your order is or you have any issues with it, you can call us at 932093979.

In the event that you have chosen store delivery, you can pick it up the day after making the purchase at our Tenor Viñas, 7 store, having 15 days to pick it up. To do this, you must present the corresponding order number and your ID.

If you need to pick it up the same day, call us at 932093979 to confirm availability. Likewise, if you prefer to pick it up at the Provença 264 store, call us to let us know.